GDPR News Bytes Jan 2019

Google appeal €50 million GDPR fine CNIL, the Data Protection Authority in France, announced they has issued a €50 million euro fine to Google for GDPR violations. As expected, Google quickly appealed the decision claiming it had ‘worked hard’ to create a transparent consent process and was ‘concerned about the impact of this ruling on […]

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GDPR for Charities

As a result of GDPR, charities have had to pay close attention to their data privacy efforts across all facets of their business. With limited resources allocated for compliance, how can small charities ensure that they adhere to the GDPR without funneling precious time and money away from their core activities? Here are the top […]

GDPR Fines and Penalties

The most widely discussed aspect of the GDPR are the fines and penalties. We explain how organisations can incur penalties for non-compliance and explore their impact. GDPR Maximum Fines The GDPR imposes maximum fines of €20 million or 4% of annual worldwide turnover, whichever is higher. This can be applied if an organisation fails to […]